Funded opportunities: We currently have an EPSRC funded Ph.D. studentship available within the group. This studentship will focus on extending our current studies on multiferroic materials. More information and details on how to apply can be found at https://www.kent.ac.uk/physical-sciences/prospective/pg-research/funding-2015.html

Self-funding opportunities: If you have your own funding and are interested in pursuing research within our group please contact me. Examples of our research interests are listed below;

1. Understanding novel multiferroic character: Multiferroic materials which exhibit coupling between ferroelectric and magnetic order are of interest for the next generation device applications, including transducers, actuators and memory. Our work focuses on understanding the effects of doping multiferroic bismuth ferrite as well as searching for new multiferroic materials.

2. Strongly correlated electron materials: We are interested in understanding materials where the magnetic degrees of freedom are incompatible with the underlying crystal geometry. Geometrically frustrated materials often exhibit exotic magnetic ground states realising interesting physics and chemistry.

3. High Permeability materials for electronic applications: We are interested in investigating soft magnetic materials which operate at high frequencies due to their potential application in the electronics and telecommunications industries.